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The Special Edition band is available to be booked for Weddings, Corporate Events Private Parties of all types, Concert Series, Festivals and Public Venues.

To book The SPECIAL EDITION Band call John Adams at 972-345-2984 or fill out this form:

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                                                                  Couples Frequently Ask FAQ

Brandi Smith’s Musical Background

How Special Edition Band is Handling Covid-19

How to Prepare a Band for an Event

Info for Clients About Options & Pricing FAQ

                                                                  John Adams’ Musical Background

Our Transitions to Texas FAQ

Regarding the Wide Range of Pricing between Bands

                                                                  Selecting Performers for a Band

Wedding vs Corporate Event Differences and FAQ

                                                                  Why We Enjoy Event Work FAQ

Working with Event Planners & Coordinators

Working with Venues and Preemptive Dialog